Archive | March, 2014

Day 11

27 Mar

M1: breakfast trail mix
M2: 100 cal Special K white fudge pretzels
M3: rest of my whole foods salad box
M4: Apple with 1 tbsp peanut butter
M5: dark chocolate M&Ms and almonds + luna protein bar chocolate peanut butter


Pmwo: Bodyworks 1 hour

M6: El Pollo Loco chicken salad with avocado + tortilla soup.


Day 10

26 Mar

M1: oatmeal
M2: banana
M3: tuna with avocado & Siracha mayo on Lavash bread
M4: Stella Rosa wine
M5: half of this salad monstrosity from Whole Foods + Almond milk iced coffee


Day 9

26 Mar

Fell off the bandwagon due to pretzel snacks being on my desk from a coworker.

M1: breakfast trail mix snack pack
M2: pretzels and some gummy bears
M3: broccoli slaw salad from Trader’s
M4: Chobani cherry
M5: butternut squash soup + lavash bread with garlic hummus

Pmwo: Pura Vida x2


Uhhh allergies are getting to me. Been so very tired since last week. Will hopefully be of a better focus tomorrow.

Had a huge talk at like 1 in the morning with my bestie regarding summer skinny goals and determination. I’m actually trying to look good this year. 2 months away and I’m scared because I’m horrible at committing.

Day 5

21 Mar

M1: skinny scramble + bombshell + thermovex watermelon
M2: Apple
M3: ground turkey lettuce tacos with Siracha mayo.
M4: fage Greek yogurt + raspberries
M5: lemon pepper tilapia + steam broccoli &carrots
Snack: mixed berry almond milk smoothie

Day 4

21 Mar


M1: skinny scramble muffins
M2: Apple
M3: sashimi salmon bowl with 1/4 cup of rice
M4: carrots + hummus and 5 pretzels
PMWO: Bodyworks
M5: shrimp + asparagus


Day 3

19 Mar

Bc: 1.75mi walk
M1: scrambled eggs w/spinach


M2: Apple

M3: 2 Morning Star spicy black bean patties with ketchup + small kale salad with lemon s+p

M4: Orange

M5: strawberry protein shake

Spin Class: 20.5 miles 1 hour class

M6: 6 oz ground turkey with cumin, paprika, cayenne, garlic. + mushrooms

Day 2

19 Mar


M1: skinny to go scramble + bombshell spell + coffee.

M2: 1/2 grapefruit + truvia
M3: lemon agave tilapia + arugula salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette


M4: Chobani Cherry + 10 carrots
M5: pineapple marinated chicken


Snack: 10 carrots + 2tsp of hummus

No pmwo. Fell asleep with the lights on at 10:30