Day 3

19 Mar

Bc: 1.75mi walk
M1: scrambled eggs w/spinach


M2: Apple

M3: 2 Morning Star spicy black bean patties with ketchup + small kale salad with lemon s+p

M4: Orange

M5: strawberry protein shake

Spin Class: 20.5 miles 1 hour class

M6: 6 oz ground turkey with cumin, paprika, cayenne, garlic. + mushrooms


Day 2

19 Mar


M1: skinny to go scramble + bombshell spell + coffee.

M2: 1/2 grapefruit + truvia
M3: lemon agave tilapia + arugula salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette


M4: Chobani Cherry + 10 carrots
M5: pineapple marinated chicken


Snack: 10 carrots + 2tsp of hummus

No pmwo. Fell asleep with the lights on at 10:30

Day 1

17 Mar


BC: Love Your Body HIIT.
M1: 2 skinny scramble muffins. Bombshell spell + coffee.
M2: half grapefruit +truvia
M3: 2 vegetable spring rolls w/ half tbsp peanut butter+ coconut shrimp with 3 walnuts + small arugula salad w/ evoo, lemon juice, lemon pepper Mrs. Dash + Coconut Aloe juice.

Meal 4: chocolate protein shake
Meal 5: half a turkey burger with garlic aioli
Meal 6: 2 tbsp hummus with 10 carrots

Bikini booty by the toneitup babes X2!!

Sunday Runday

16 Mar




Had a luna fiber bar which reminds me of those Kellogg’s strawberry filled bars. So I didn’t like it to much because I ate a ton of those in college.

Ran up the stairs at the Baldwin Scenic Overlook then found a trail to the culver city park where we then ran down. Super hot day so I sweat a tiny bit.


8 Mar


Did incline interval training while waiting for my friends to get to the gym. Then did 1.5 hours of squats, dead lifts, and abs. We were laughing so hard so it went by like a breeze.